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I've put together a couple of items I think are relevant to getting to know me and how I function professionally. These represent my administrative/business outlook and my team-building philosophy.
The first item is the spreadsheet I made to track our weekly sales, expenses, and budgets. I built this spreadsheet from the ground up in order to centralise and organise our basic business functions and to assist the entire team in maintaining budget goals.
The next item is a meeting agenda from one of my weekly management team meetings.
The final item is from the server training programme that I designed to maximise the effect of the time new colleagues spent learning about us. This consists of an instruction sheet for the trainer (which helped to ensure all relevant information was covered on a given day) and a peer quiz. For the peer quiz, the trainee would go around and get answers to questions from their new colleagues. This served two purposes: to make certain the trainee has all the really important information and that they have talked about it, listened to it, and written it down (which covers all the major styles of learning) and also to get them to talking to and getting to know their new co-workers. Each training day had a set of instructions and peer quiz with questions relevant to the information they were learning that day.
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