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All of my music, unless otherwise offered by a publisher, is available for purchase here. If you don't see a piece available for purchase that means it has not yet received its first performance. If you're interested in something that hasn't yet been performed get in contact with me--I don't charge for music until it has been premiered! (Which means I'll send it to you free of charge!)

Displayed prices are for electronic editionsAll pieces are available either in printed (paper) editions or in electronic (PDF) editions. Paper editions incur a small surcharge to cover the costs of printing and shipping, which automatically factors into the price when you select a paper copy in the store. There is no additional shipping charge for domestic orders (within the UK); however, international orders have an additional surcharge attached to cover the additional shipping cost.

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If you choose to order an electronic copy of a piece, you will pay the price displayed with the piece in the store--so it's cheaper. Once your order has been received, I will brand the music with your or your organisation's name. You will receive an email with a link to your personalised PDF edition within seven (7) days (though this is normally 1 - 3).

When you purchase an electronic edition, you are licensed to print as many copies as necessary to perform the music. You are not, however, authorised to share, post, or disseminate the material in any way.

Electronic Editions
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