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Greetings, Blogosphere

Greetings, all! I've just put this this lovely new website together. I'll be getting a big, thought-out post together here in the next couple of days, but for now I'm focusing on the nuts and bolts and uploading the obscene number of files it's going to take to get this whole thing working.

This could take a while... I am just now realizing that it's been years (like, ten of them) since I've organized all the files on my computer. Even though I have a CV with a list of all my compositions at the ready, finding all my music on my seven-year-old iMac has been a task that's taken hours in and of itself.

I will be far better organized from now on, be assured.

In future you can expect posts about composition, the music I'm working on, quirks of music notation software, and any other little ol' musical thing that comes through my disorganized noggin.

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